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    Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK:

    Queensland Country

    We’re back! Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the return of the Husky Trek for 2022, with the addition of a new Husky adventure model and an extra day of adventure in Queensland Country!

    Taking in the Husqvarna Motorcycles mantra of FOR PIONEERS, this 5-day adventure ride offers our 701 Enduro and Norden 901 customers a chance to explore an outstanding part of Australia, with like-minded adventurers.


    14th - 19th

    We make it simple for riders to enjoy their Husky adventure motorcycles in the conditions they were designed for - which the South East Queensland region offers in abundance. From lush loamy rainforests and flowing forest tracks to open cattle country gravel roads - and some very special private land access just for Husky Trek riders.






    True to a pioneering spirit, the Husky Trek has progressed from being the “701 Enduro Trek” single-model ride, to the 2022 “Husky Trek” adventure and welcomes riders on the new addition to the Husqvarna Motorcycles travel range: the Norden 901.



    And just as the Husqvarna 701 Enduro and Norden 901 make a great platform for both new and experienced riders, the Husky Trek will be suitable for a wide range of rider abilities. The main route will be achievable for first-time adventurers with a little bit of off-road experience. With the optional hard routes keeping things spicy for riders that like to continually challenge themselves.



    The Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK is about offering a great experience to our Husky adventure riders - whether you ride a 701 Enduro, 701 Enduro LR or Norden 901 - what better way to explore our country than with five days in the stunning South East Queensland country region with a pack of Husky’s!

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    2022 Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK: Queensland Country


    Why come on the Husky Trek? We take the hard work out of planning a ride so you can truly enjoy your adventure. Ever tried to organise a group of mates for a multi-day ride? Not an easy task. We worry about the details - so you can enjoy the adventure.


    Starting and finishing our journey at the unique Bunya Mountains - a spectacular wilderness range forming an isolated section of the Great Dividing Range. The immense subtropical range of cool, green rainforest, eucalypt forests and woodlands is home to the world’s largest forest of bunya pines.


    The route will then head north into true Queensland country - with another two overnights at Gayndah, offering riders a very special loop on Day Three that will traverse through a private 1500-acre property thanks to one of our own Husky riders! And finishing out the five days of adventure through Gympie and back to Bunya Mountains, taking in all the best that Queensland has to offer for adventure tracks and scenery.



    What's Included?


    • Pre-ridden and planned route with the help of local experts, highlighting the best adventure riding in the region. 
    • Lead Riders, Course Markers & GPS Files - You just get on your Husky each morning and ride. 
    • Luggage Support - Don’t ride hindered by your bags. Our luggage van transports your items each day, leaving you with a light load to enjoy the adventure. 
    • Technical Support - Peace of mind knowing our trained Husqvarna Motorcycles mechanics are on hand at each Home Base to assist with any mechanical issues that may arise. 
    • Medical Support - With both riding medics and a medical 4WD backup vehicle, ride at ease knowing that you will have assistance should you need it. 
    • Backup Vehicle & Sweep Support - Following all riders each day will be a 4WD with trailer, as well as sweep riders ready to help, have a chat or ride a long with! 
    • Dinner included every night - After a big day of adventure don’t worry about where to find your dinner, meaning you can relax and relive the day with a group of like-minded friends.
    • Event Video & Photos - We will capture the memories from the week for you to share with your family and friends, making them envious for years to come of your experiences.
    • $1,795 per rider. Includes everything above. Accommodation not Included.





    • Husqvarna 701 Enduro, 701 Enduro LR or Norden 901 motorcycle, registered
    • Third party property damage insurance OR Comprehensive motorcycle insurance (recommended)
    • Full open unrestricted motorcycle license 
    • Knobby tyres

    HUSKY TREK: Queensland Country

    Australia 2022

    Australia 2022

    HUSKY TREK: Queensland Country

    2022 Husqvarna Motorcycles HUSKY TREK:

    Queensland Country    

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